Historic Cedar Cottage, Part 1

When we moved into Cedar Cottage, the hubs began researching the home’s history. Today’s treat? The fruits of Dr. Kyle’s research labor, starting with how we connect to Abilene’s past. Like, with citations and everything. Enjoy, history buffs!

When Camille and I were in graduate school, we had a chance to live in one of Historic Waco Foundation’s homes as caretakers. As grad students living upstairs in a Greek Revival built in 1868, we always felt like part of a much longer history.

So when we had the opportunity to move into our new home at Cedar Cottage, I started looking for ways to learn more about its particular history. I dug into old copies of the Abilene Reporter News and ACU student newspaper, The Optimist, and continued to unearth more and more about 1618 Cedar Crest Drive.


One of Abilene’s most notorious early stories played out in our backyard. In 1880 as the Texas & Pacific Railroad began charting its westward route through west Texas, it was at a meeting here at a dugout on the Hashknife Ranch that they agreed to create the city of Abilene. A 1970 article in the Abilene Reporter News described the meeting: Continue reading

My Sister’s House: Come n’ Get It

Yes, local friends, it’s that time again-consignment shopping at its best! My Sister’s House, for those who may not be familiar, is a consignment sale of fabulous proportions. Clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, and HOME GOODS! Yes, lots of great stuff for your home, too! In fact, they’ve just called for a second drop-off, so there’s even more great stuff. Check out the goods I scored:


IMG_4632 The top portion of this piece came from this local furniture store (thanks, Tom!), but the black buffet on the bottom is from MSH. It had my name written all over it! Better yet, it belonged to the mom of the sisters of My SISTER’S House. Got all that? I loved hearing her tell stories of pulling linens out of the drawers to set the table for Sunday lunch. Don’t you love pieces that have stories associated?

Next, I found this little green number:

IMG_4636 You may remember I had a little cream chair in that spot. While I loved the way it looked, there were two problems. This:

IMG_4602 (someone likes to autograph the furniture and then claim it as his own), AND it was not the most comfy of chairs. Since it is “my second desk” this spot needed to be easy on the eyes and easy on the fanny. This sweet little vintage chair ticked both boxes for me. Win-win.

Finally, you know I can’t resist checking out the shoe offerings. The selection didn’t disappoint.

IMG_4640 Ya think it’s time for a pedi? Me, too. For years I thought I just couldn’t wear the Tom’s wedge. Turns out I just needed someone to break them in for me. Score!

Check out sale hours and locations here. And if all the goodness of a second drop-off wasn’t enough(that means fresh finds, friends), the half-price sale is looming, as well. What did  you find? Inquiring minds want to know! What’s that? You haven’t shopped yet? Drop by, my friends! You’ll be glad you did!